Planted Gabion Walls

Aerct supplies planted gabion walls system designed for creek slope stabilization uses. We also supply technical support on how to  detail, specify, and construct the planted gabion walls. For American and South East Asian market mainly.

Gabions for Slope Stabilization

Technical Information for Gabions, Cells to Form the Stabilization Wall:

Steel Wire Used for Making Gabions:
All steel wire used in the fabrication of the gabions and in the wrung operations during construction shall be to BS 1052, having a tensile strength of not less than 380 N/mm2 and not exceed saoN/mm2.

Wire diameters and relevant tolerances shall be in accordance with the following table:
Wire Diameter (rnm) Tolerance (rnm)
2.70 ± 0.08
3.40 ± 0.10

All wire shall be galvanised in accordance with the provisions of SABS 675 or equivalent, for Class A heavy galvanised mild steel wire. The minimum mass of the zinc coating shall be according to the Table below:

Nominal Diameter of coated wire (mm) Mass of Coating (G/m2 surface area)
2.2 -2.9 260
3.0-3.6 275

The adhesion of the zinc coating to the wire shall be such that when the wire is wrapped six turns around a mandrel of four times the diameter of the wire, it shall not flake or crack to such an extent that any zinc can be removed by rubbing with the bare fingers.

Wire Mesh for Gabions
Wire mesh shall comply with the requirements of SAnS 1580 or equivalent. Wire mesh shall be mechanically pre-fabricated to become a uniform hexagonal woven mesh wherein the joints are formed by twisting each pair of wires through three half-turns (commonly known as double twist), in such a manner that unravelling is prevented.

The tightness of the twisted joints shall be such that a force of not less than 1.7 kN is required when pulling on one wire in order to separate it from the other wire, provided each wire is prevented from turning under the applied forces, and the wires are all in the same plane.

The diameter of the wire and the size of mesh used shall be as follows:

Wire Diameter (mm) Type of Gabion Mesh Size (m m)
Mesh Wire Selvedge
Gabion Boxes 100 x 120 2.7 3.4
Reno Mattress 80 x 100 2.2 2.7

We make inspections and tests to ensure that the materials supplied are in accordance with this specification. And all materials comply with the requirements of this specification.