Hot Dipped Galvanized Gabion Mesh Cells

Hot dipped galvanized gabion wire mesh cells are used for building blocks of airport and other projects, also for anti blast barriers in military uses. The galvanized wire mattress or basket cells are mostly composed of square or oblong opening welded panels. The gabion cell baskets are in rectangular shape for easy laying and firmed building purpose. The gabion cell walls are decorative as well as protective. Major materials for gabions cells are electric galvanized wire , hot-dipped galvanized wire, pvc coated galvanized, Galfan wire 95%zinc -5% Al and 90%zinc -10%Al. Aerct supplies three types of gabion cells listed as below, we also welcome custom orders.

1, Galvanized Steel Gabion Basket Cells with Rectangular Mesh Holes:
Gabion basket, heavy type: 1000X2000X500mm;
Gabion basket, light type: 1000X500X1000mm.
Gabion cell wire diameter: Galvanized steel wire
Diameter of gabion mesh wire: ≥ 2.00 mm
Gabion Mesh Size or Aperture: 60X80 mm
Hole Shape: Oblong (rectangular)
Hot Dip Zinc coating quantity for galvanized wire: ≥ 2400 g/m2
Lacing wire: All gabions and mattresses cells use a 2.20mm wire diameter lacing wire for binding and fixing together the mesh panels during the erection process.
Hot Dipped Gabion Mesh Stone Filling Cells

2. Gabion cells with square holes:
Out Size:1.8X1.8,1.8X1.2.1.8X0.9m
Mesh size:5X5cm,10X10cm
Mesh wire:1.0-5.0mm

3. Anti blast Gabion Barrier Cells:

Gabions for Anti-Blast Barrier

Gabion Wire diameter: 4-5mm
Gabion Mesh size: 75x75mm
Fence Panel size: 12 type size for any security protection or suddenly burst attacks
Geotextile: in heavy duty non-woven polypropylene. Supplied in grey and military Green, Sand color etc.
Finish: hot dipped galvanized or Galfan wire.