Heavy Galfan + PVC Coated Woven Wire Mesh Gabions

Aerct has developed a new product: GalFan + PVC Coated woven wire mesh gabions. Popular mesh opening applied: 80x100mm. One diaphragm every one meter (or at 3ft center) is positioned to divide the gabions into cells. This structure makes the whole gabion flexible and easy to handle. This type of woven or knitted mesh gabion has selvedge wire and lacing wire for reinforcement. All mesh panel edges are selvedged with a wire having a greater diameter than the woven or knitted wire.

Special Coating Material: Galfan (zinc-5% aluminum alloy) and its benefits:
Galfan gabion gets its name from its wire material: a kind of heavy Galfan (zinc-5% aluminum alloy) soft tempered steel . Compared with traditional galvanized steel gabions with pure zinc coating, Galfan gabion features a heavy zinc – aluminum coating layer which enables an excellent corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of Galfan gabion doubles that of traditional pure zinc plating.

Wire Material Requirements:
The pvc coating for our Galfan Gabions can be checked below (take an example of the 80x100mm galfan gabion), from the changes of the wire diameter before and after coating:
Knitted or woven wire: 3.7mm after PVC coating (2.7mm heavy Galfan before pvc coating)
Selvedge wire: 4.2mm after PVC coating (3.2mm heavy Galfan before pvc coating)
Lacing wire: 3.2mm after PVC coating (2.2mm heavy Galfan before pvc coating)

Zinc plating or galvanization required for the Galfan Gabions:
Galvanization on Kitted & Lacing wire: Heavy GALFAN (ZnAL) min 245gr/m2
Galvanization on Selvedge wire: Heavy GALFAN (ZnAL) min 255gr/m2

Heavy Galfan Gabion Box Galfan Gabion Mattress with Green Coating Layer

The steel wire used in the manufacturing of the gabion is heavily galfan( [Zn-5 Al-MM] alloy) coated soft temper steel. A PVC coating is then applied to provide additional protection for use in polluted, contaminated or aggressive environments: in salt, fresh water, acid soil or wherever the risk of corrosion is present. The PVC coating has a nominal thickness of 0.50 mm to 1.00mm. Galfan plus PVC coating gabions, simplified as Galfan gabions, are strong and durable for long term uses.

Normal Out Sizes:
Gabion 1X1X1M
Gabion 2X1X1M
Gabion 3X1X1M
Mattress 3X2X0.17M
Mattress 3X2X0.23M
Mattress 3X2X0.3M
Mattress 6X2X0.3M
Common Mesh Sizes:

Regular size for gabion box:

wire diameter:2.7x3.4x2.2mm,mesh size:80x100mm,box size:2x1x1m

Regular size for gabion mattress:

wire diameter:2.2x2.7x2.2mm,mesh size:60x80mm,mattress size:3x2x0.3m

Regular size for gabion mesh roll

wire diameter:2.7x3.4mm,mesh size:60x80mm/80x100mm,roll size:2x50m

Applications of Galfan Gabions:
 The Galfan gabion boxes or mattresses are filled with stones at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls, channel linings, and weirs for erosion control projects. Details as following:
1. Earth Retaining Structures
2. Reinforced Soils
3. River Training
4. Coastal Protection
5. Canal Lining
6. Dam Overflows
7. Scour Protection
8. Marine Revetment
9. Rock Fall Protection
10. Headwall Construction
11.Controlling and leading the river and flood.
12. Flood discharge and lead flow.
13. Protecting the bridge.
14. Seaport project.

Hexagonal Mesh Gabions for Civil Construction Project in Latvia

Galfan coated hexagonal mesh gabions

Gabion Box of Hexagonal Steel Wire Mesh, with Galfan Coating (Zinc 95%, Aluminium 5% ) and PVC coating

Gabion box wire overlay meet C4 enviornmental exposure class (Zinc 95%, Aluminium 5% with PVC coating) 
Mesh: Gabion boxes must be made from twisted steel wire netting with mesh size - 60x80mm, wire diameter - no less than 2,7m; with overlay - 3,4mm.
Gabion box frame wire: Wire diameter no less than 3,4mm and with overlay - 4,2mm. 

Gabion box sizes: 
2m x 4m H - 0,30m
3m x 4m H - 0,30m

1m x 2m H - 0,50m
1m x 3m H - 0,50m
1m x 4m H - 0,30m
2m x 3m H - 0,30m
2m x 4m H - 0,30m
3m x 4m H - 0,30m

1m x 2m H - 1m
1m x 3m H - 1m
1m x 2m H - 1m (or 3m) 
Delivered to Latvia

Galfan 95 Rock Basket System for Turkey Project

Green coated mesh panels: 
4.0x3.0x0.76 m 
4.0x2.0x1.0 m
Wire: Galfan 95 coated steel wire, then green pvc coating
Delivery to Turkey