Welded Gabions

Welded mesh gabions are filled on site with hard and durable stones to form mass of gravity retaining structures. Due to their inflexibility, welded gabions are generally not considered suitable in areas susceptible to differential settlement, or in water courses.
The gabions are available in a variety of wire diameters and unit sizes to meet project requirements.
In common with all gabions during installation, all welded units need internal bracing wires to be overfilled to allow for settlement of the granular rock fill.

Gabions are delivered on site in folded condition (flat-packed) on a pallet. All verical joints are factory fitted which increases the quality and speed of assembly on site. Depending upon the configuration of the Gabion, the base and lid panels are connected with 1 horizontal and helical. The accesories (bracing ties and joining pins) are prefabricated and adjusted to the Gabion type. To close the base and lids additional spirals are neccessary.

Take a Gabion from a pallet and cut the securing brace. Lift the accesories and pull the Gabion untill full length is reached. Close the base helically and fold the ends 90° inwardly. Now the spirals won't detach when moving and turning the Gabion. This will also prevent sharp end and injuries. This can be done with standard pliers. Now turn over the Gabion.

For large lengths, the Gabions should be connected as to form a monolithic structure. Prefabricated joining pins are provided for each Gabion. Simply grasp the 2 spirals then push them into each other. Place the joining pin into the section and push it downwardly. Care must be taken that the head of the pin faces should be inward. This must be done for security reasons and will prevent vandalism. The joining must be done at both sides.

As to prevent heavy deformation caused by filling the Gabions, bracing ties are included in each Gabion. Depending upon the height of the gabion, these are placed at 1/3 + 2/3 or 1/2 of the height.

Now start filling the first part of the Gabion.
Bracing ties are placed 4 meshes from the sides and around the weld. If not, the weld can break or the bracing tie can move. Repeat this principle untill the Gabions are fully filled.

After filling the Gabion, the lid can be closed. Use the included spirals and attach the lid at every edge including the diaphragm panel. Also twist the ends inwardly for safety reasons.

When superpositioning Gabions, the horizontal connections must be done. This is usually carried out with the help of clips or lacing wire.