Reinforced Gabions

Reinforced Gabions includes two types, Gabion A is made of reinforced mesh panel and the other is added one mesh panel behind the gabion (or dragging a mesh panel B).

A Reinforced mesh panel is to add steel wire mesh panel into wire mesh verticallly or parallelly along the weaving direction when weaving the wire mesh.The material is the same as in the hexagonal wire mesh. Reinforced hexagonal mesh panels has stronger tensile-strength than ones of common hexagonal wire meshes.Besides, the diameter of reinforced wire should be greater than that of edge wire. Under the condition of strong basic tensile stress, reinforced mesh panel will absorb and fundamentally weaken the tensile stress caused by the traffic or the crack.

B Reinforced gabions box is to add mesh panel of heavy hexagonal wire mesh behind the box and the mesh panel penetrates the soil deeply. Skid resistance will be produced by the friction of the soil mass and the mesh panel. Reinforced gabion box has good enviormental compatibility.


Product Size (m)

Grid Model


8 x 10



Galvanized or Coated


Steel Wire Diameter

Galvanization Weight

Traverse Reinforced Bar

Galvanization Weight







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