Fabrication of Gabions

Gabions shall be fabricated in such a manner that the sides, ends, lid and diaphragms can be assembled at the construction site into rectangular baskets of the sizes specified and shown in the drawings. Gabions shall be of single unit construction: the base, lid, ends and sides shall be either woven into a single unit or edge of these members connected to the base section of the gabion in such a manner that strength and flexibility at the connecting point does not compromise the engineered structural design of the gabion. Where the length of the gabion exceeds one and one half its horizontal width, the gabion shall be divided by diaphragms of the same mesh and gauge as the body of the gabion, into cells whose length does not exceed the horizontal width. The gabion shall be furnished with the necessary diaphragms secured in proper position on the base in such a manner that no additional tying is required at this juncture.

Mesh Formation:
The double twisted hexagonal wire mesh shall have deformability sufficient to permit minimum of mesh elongation equivalent to 10% of the unstretched length of the mesh test section without reducing the gauge or the tensile strength of the individual wire strands to values less than those for similar wire, one gauge smaller in diameter.

The wire mesh is to be fabricated in such a manner as to be non raveling. This is defined as the ability to resist pulling apart at any of the twists or connections forming the mesh when a single wire strand in a section of mesh is cut.