Assembling and placing of Gabions

Gabion Fill:
The stone fill material used for filling the gabion units shall be clean, hard stone with pieces ranging from 4-8 inches on the greatest dimensions. Stone filling shall not exceed 24 inch vertical drop above the gabion basket. All effort shall be made to ensure that the stone fill material utilized in the design of the structure match the stone fill used in constructing the gabion structure.
Assembling and placing:
•Each gabion shall be assembled by tying or fastening all untied edges. The binding wire shall be tightly looped around every other mesh opening along the seams in such a manner that single and double loops are alternated. Alternative fasteners may be used in lieu of lacing wire. The alternative wire fasteners shall be applied at approximately 4" to 6" intervals on all vertical seams. No less than 3 fasteners per one foot on any given vertical or horizontal seam.

•A line of empty gabions shall be placed into position according to the contract drawings. Lacing wire or alternative fasteners shall be used to secure each unit to the adjoining one along the vertical reinforced edges and the top selvedges. An approved corner closure tool shall be used to adjoin adjacent gabions to insure a tight, neat seam and minimize gabion wire joint deformation. The base of the empty gabions placed on top of the filled line of gabions shall be tightly wired or fastened to the latter at front and back. The lid shall be secured with an approved closure tool to insure proper closure without excessive mesh deformation.

•To achieve optimum alignment and finish for retaining walls, a minimum amount of stretching may be required.

•Connecting wires shall be inserted during the filling operation as follows: Install according to manufacturer’s instructions every 1' vertical lift of the gabions unit.